Photo booths are quite the thing at weddings these days in Ghana. If done well they can be a genuine highlight of the day… if done badly they can be a disappointing waste of time and money! So how do you get it right?

Having photo-boothed dozen of weddings that have left couples and their guests in raptures, Say Cheese Photo Booth guys know a thing or two about really making it work. Here’s the lowdown:

Choose an open booth

Open booths mean that everyone is in on the fun, lots of people can fit in one shot, positioning at your venue is easier and lighting tends to be a lot better too.

Lead the way

Brides and grooms, get involved! Photos with the happy couple are gold on the big day, and the booth is an easy way to create lots of snaps of you with all your guests.

Position carefully

Put your booth somewhere out of the way and you won’t get many decent photos. We’ve found close to the dance floor with enough room for guests to get in and out is the best place for maximum exposure.

Get creative with the backdrop

The cooler the backdrop, the more people want to be photographed in front of it. Striking prints, custom prints, a venue’s wall features, or floral/DIY arrangements are the bomb.

Choose props carefully

You need the right props to spark people’s imaginations. You have a wedding photographer for all the serious shots, so go a bit wild in your booth… custom speech bubbles are cool and chalk board signs allow your guests to get creative.

Include a guest book

A guest book for friends and family to stick their photos in and write messages in is a great addition to your photo booth. Something to show the grandkids!

Slideshow/gallery options

A nice addition to having a photobooth at your wedding is to have all the photos from the booth appearing on a TV or projector somewhere at the venue. This gives people something to watch and chat about throughout the day.

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