What do you consider to be the most innovative marketing campaign?

The key to creating successful marketing campaigns is uniqueness and being innovative. Especially in this day and age of digital technology and instant information, you must be able to put out content that has not been seen or done on a wider scale.

One way to make this approach is through the use of green screens. As you may know, a green screen is commonly used in the film industry to visually enhance a video. The green background enables editors to digitally input images and other backgrounds, making the video more unique and appealing.

There are several ways to use a green screen to innovate your marketing campaign. In producing video blogs for example, the green screen can help make your ordinary videos come to life. This could work well nowadays, since most vloggers take on the traditional approach, and not many are applying this practice, just yet.

Making use of a green screen can also add realism to your videos. This could work well for customer testimonials and product demonstrations, wherein you are trying to deliver a message that would convince your audience to support a certain product.

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