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With the rise of experiential marketing, it is proven that the days when companies heavily rely on product quality and positive image in order to reach their target market’s hearts and minds is now officially over. Despite a company being able to offer great features and benefits to their products or services, it is the overall sensory experience that it can provide to its prospects that will convert them and becoming an integral part of the consumer’s daily lives.

Today has ushered in an era of fast changes and dynamic multimedia communication that has simply overrun the approaches of traditional marketing. Read on to know how to create a winning marketing strategy with experiential marketing.

1. Inspire smiles and sharing with a social media photo booth – in order to maximize your marketing success, give your event guests a reason to smile and enjoy themselves while generating high-quality branded visual content that will interest their family and friends on social media. Photo Booth XXX partners with you to create the one-of-a-kind photo booths for your experiential marketing campaign that will make sure that your event is truly unforgettable.

2. How to connect your online and offline marketing efforts – creating a unique experiential marketing campaign that will inspire people’s emotions and will allow them to share their experience in real-time by engaging their online networks through social media, is a powerful approach for increasing the reach of your brand to the everyday lives of your target audience. Spreading the word about your company and your real-time event through social media can instantly put you, your event and your brand in front of thousands of prospective customers.

3. Boosting engagement and conversions with live events – it is known that nine out of 10 consumers become regular customers after attending a live brand event. Here are some more facts:

a. 95% of consumers reports that their participation in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products that are being promoted.

b. 52% said that they bought the product or subscribed to a service promoted at a recent event that they have attended.

c. 54% said they purchased the product or service at a later date.

d. 88% of event guests who purchase once said that afterwards they become loyal brand patrons.

4. Leaving a lasting impression with photo and video sharing – once that you have your target audience’s attention, the best way to sustain it is through imagery. Social media has elevated photos and videos to whole new level of popularity. Photos can connect with people on a personal level that words sometimes cannot. Also, photos (imagery, in general) can easily and quickly convey information to which customers can relate to.

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